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The Cloud Forest Kitchen Cookbook


Yo'on Ixim: a Heart of Corn

Cooking from the heart of Chiapas with the women of Yo'on Ixim

The Cloud Forest Kitchen is a creative collaboration between the women of Yo'on Ixim, founder Sam Greiff, photographer Tim Clinch, Kate Hill (with support from Team Camont's Maurine Fishel and Stephanie Hill).  Allow us to introduce our favorite stories, photographs and recipes from the women and families of Mitontic, Chiapas, Mexico while supporting their literacy program.

The mission at the Yo’on Ixim cooperative of artisans is to work with women living in extreme rural poverty in the development of equitable and democratic businesses which can provide women with the opportunity to work for fair wages, learn new technical skills, and develop the ability to run a business. At present 60 students attend the urban school in Puebla while 27 families produce textiles and other products in Mitontic, Chiapas. 

Yo'on Ixim is funded by private donations that cover operating costs including teachers' salaries, rent for the school, teaching materials, etc. To read more about Yo'on Ixim and what they do click here and donate.

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It's a Cookbook!

The Cloud Forest Cookbook-A Heart of Corn

This small and simple twenty-five page e-book PDF features a dozen simple-to-make traditional recipes starring Corn, of course! We put our hearts into it so that you can taste the typical small bites of nixtamalized corn meal masa, beans, and greens cooked by the Tsotsil Mayan Women of Yo'on Ixim!


Yo'on Ixim means Heart of Corn 

and is also the name of a literacy program 

empowering women and their families-the Tsotsil Mayan 'People of the Corn'. 

They come to work in Puebla, Mexico leaving 

their own mountain villages high in the Cloud Forests 

of Chiapas while carrying little but their culture and traditions. They cook and eat a simple cuisine 

based on familiar local products: corn, beans, gourds, greens, vines, vegetables and fruit. 

Come with us into their simple kitchens 

and meet the Women of the Corn as they cook with you.

COok with us!

All Photographs by Tim Clinch generously donated with love and support for Yo'on Ixim. Muchas Gracias Señor Clinch!

Chiliquillas Cooking in Mitontic